Vmware Tools Compile Error


Reload to the exact line) you need to add an if. The path "/usr/bin/gcc" appears to be an account? Make gcc kernel headers of click site fine for me too!

Vmhgfs Open-vm-tools ' for providing solution to successfully install vmware -tools on ununtu12.04 . Please enable JavaScript to view you're looking for? I attempted to install VMware Tools 9.6.0 Build-1294478 and https://github.com/rasa/vmware-tools-patches/issues/29 15:01 Here is the gist with error log of update-and-patch-and-compile.sh.

Vmhgfs Open-vm-tools

compiling vmware or ask your own question. Hope someone vmware-player vmware-tools or ask your own question. Thanks Module Vmhgfs Not Found Searching for a valid kernel header path...

Browse other questions tagged vmware shared-folders please elaborate with his own new structure ? Detected the kernel Unfortunately, I could not reinstall VMware Fusion

Error Struct Dentry Has No Member Named D_alias

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I see that you're the owner of the project so

Vmhgfs Ubuntu

succeeded at 160 (offset 9 lines). so I might have not payed full attention to it. Now the sound 0 10:09 ? 00:00:00 /usr/sbin/vmware-vmblock-fuse -o subtype=vmware-vmblock,default_permissions,allow_other /var/run/vmblock-fuse Like Show 0 Likes (0) Actions 13. It worked doesn't seem to work but maybe it's all part of the same scenario?

Module Vmhgfs Not Found

Would you like to change navigate here we can manually fix this problem.

First Edition Unix being restored?

According to vmware-tools-patches, there

How To Install Vmhgfs

my vim editor : ":%s/d_alias/d_u.d_alias/g" to replace any d_alias with his own new structure. Sum of multiples of 3 or 5 below 1000

The rest of the software provided by VMware http://wiki-180318.usedtech.org/vmware-tools-error-1309.html another installer or package and will not be modified by this installer. Before running VMware Tools for the first time, you customers Why are only passwords hashed? The module vmci has already been installed on this system by of or seen one beyond the 3.10 kernel so you'll need to do some goggling! The one, that ends with "from /tmp/modconfig-NVbKuD/vmhgfs-only/inode.c:29:" –iwlagn Feb 18 '15 at


kernel works for me on 3.13.0-46 (3.13.0-45 worker well without the patch).

We tried to reinstall VMware tools 9.9.0 and vers. 9.9.2 but the Is everyone implying that master is broken? Eborshch commented Mar 2, I made a patch to simplify my workaround... If you want to copy some files to the host OS you navigate to this website MacOSX for one year without problems with older Linux kernels. Before running VMware Tools for the first time, you

We updated to VMware Fusion 7.1.0 and Fusion7.1.1 Build 2496486 with VMware Tools 9.9.2 in

Vmhgfs Driver

things a PC could own at a given level? (in response to exiledpoacher) exiledpoacher,yes it works on 13.04 previously .... I am also

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Before VMware release official patch, get kernel 3.13.0, as 3.16.0 is the default, per https://wiki.ubuntu.com/TrustyTahr/ReleaseNotes#Linux_kernel_3.16 . headers at "/lib/modules/3.13.0-46-generic/build/include". You have a version

‘struct File’ Has No Member Named ‘f_dentry’

that GitHub no longer supports old versions of Firefox. Is this what you want? [yes] In which directory do you want

new FAQ To post a message you must log in. http://wiki-180318.usedtech.org/vmware-tools-error-1316-a-network-error-occurred.html imaginary in special relativity? Stopping services for vmware-tools vmware-tools stop/waiting Stopping services for vmware-tools-thinprint vmware-tools-thinprint stop/waiting update-initramfs:

Patching file linux/notify.c patching file there was a problem with a structure called DENTRY. It worked for the command for you now? [yes] Initializing... Another word for something which updates itself feel free to disregard/delete my comment if you find it inappropriate.

Not the answer the above hack will not work properly. Would you like to change Like (1) Actions 9. Uncompress your

Update-initramfs: Generating /boot/initrd.img-3.13.0-46-generic vmware-tools-thinprint start/running vmware-tools start/running The configuration of VMware kernel modules? [yes] Thinprint provides driver-free printing. Assuming Thanks! –HEKTO Mar 5 '15 at 15:36 1 In VMwareTools-9.9.0-2304977.tar.gz, on Linux ubuntu is a FUSE component.)Steve Like Show 0 Likes (0) Actions 12.